Software I Use

I keep wondering how people do their work as it's really become an issue for me. I don't think I work efficiently and I'd like to be more productive. Most of my productivity problems come from psychological or physical barriers issues like lack of focus, socializing, eating, etc... Some of the problems though are simply organizational and process deficiencies. It is these that I can address. This is not a blog post however. My goal here is simply to give the casual reader knowledge of the software I use so that other people can learn from it - and ideally, let me know what to change in order to get a fix.  As you may notice, I'm a convert to the cult of Mac OS X :-) Note: Some of these links benefit me with a referral fee. I will NEVER recommend anything that I won't use myself. Here it goes: Programming: Design: Organization: Communication: Shopping: Music, etc... Big Question Marks (these are open issues for me where I use this software but am unhappy or not sure what I really want):
  • Music ... iTunes?
  • Notes ... Stickies?
  • Calendar ... Google Calendar?
Other people's software: Ted Leung On The Air (Python guy at Sun)