Social Network Monitoring

This is from Neil Patel - a smart, young branding guy 
What is a social networking?  Social networking is not just about Facebook but also about social news, bookmarking, etc... 

Social News - is a clear example of a site that allows users to 'create' the home page of news for specific people 

Social Bookmarks - allows users to publish and share their bookmarks. 

Niches - There are many social networks and 'zones' for users to congregate: political, environmentalist, etc...  Marketing through those niches has to be respectful of the niche otherwise nobody will follow the trail. 

  • Learn to follow the rules - This helps out with your reputation which is critical to getting other's to vote for you
  • Provide value through content - If the content doesn't apply to the end user, it won't work.  You can grease the wheels by helping the users (iPod for content), etc...
  • Be a part of the community - You must be part of the ongoing community related to your product.
The thing is that social network marketing is more about improving your PageRank (through links and community referrals).  If you get a ton of uniques from Digg, it will help get density with relation to your competitors - helping to show that your site overall (even if only one article was linked to) is a quality site.