OpenGov at SXSW

It might be a little late to blog about it - but this looks like a great event.  When I was still contemplating going to Austin, I had this in my list of things to check out - but then I decided not to go (save $$$/get things done) and didn't think about this until cleaning up my email.  Anyway, it starts in 2 hours for anybody out there: 


We (LoTV) are going to do Ignite style talks at lunch during SXSW interactive.  I think this really is relevant to the Open Data group because in MY opinion Open data is the key to open Govt.  Anyone wanna talk about potential applications they are working on that are going to SXSW? 

We are an Official SXSW Event 
We are an Official event 
and we are an Official event 

 They will be professionally videotaped and posted to multiple sites afterwards in 5 min increments. 

I would love it if you could blog about it? 

1) to recruit people that are already attending SXSW 
2) to highlight the projects coming 
3) post the video links of "hot" projects afterwards? 

 It is 12:30 -2:00 Mar 16th 
Fiddler's hearth 
301 Barton Springs Rd 
Austin, TX 78704 

 If you are coming to SXSW and have a project you would like to talk about IGNITE style - 20 slides 15 seconds per slide (auto forwarding)  Please let me know so we can put you on the schedule! 

 -- Silona Bonewald 
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