Highly Valuable Advertising Slot ... in your email

Have you ever looked at people's email signatures?  These days, it's very common to have a link to their blog, their Twitter URL, maybe a LinkedIn profile.  In addition, their name is typically there as well - although it's usually redundant since the name is in the FROM field.

Oftentimes, the sender also includes some pithy quote - and if they're l33t, they're using some sort of quote generator to get nothing but the best from the web.

Others put in statements like "Save a tree - don't print this email."  While the sentiment is nice, that's probably not an effective request for the sender (especially since it's usually just a link to some organization trying to boost their membership numbers).

Some people think a bit more strategically.  Since the sender of this email is actually looking for something specific, I'll put in the full quote.  Heck, they might just find their man:

Yipit is looking for an experienced web sys. admin consultant:  http://bit.ly/ca4N

We would happily buy you lunch if you suggest the candidate we choose.

Wow!!! He said something really useful.  I don't think there's room for some annoying list of everything you need done in there - but there's room for one.  I really do think, that with all the emails a person sends around in a day, that there's a reasonable chance you'll get a bite.  So, my recommendation for today is for everybody to add a small actionable request to the bottom of their email.  If you're a Ph.D. student say, "I need somebody to read a chapter of my dissertation".  If you're a marathon runner say, "I need a recommendation on a pedometer".  If you're a sailor say, "Anybody have a berth for the 2009 Block Island Regatta?"

I think I'll ask for some investments in Varud.com...