Who doesn't like cupcakes? 

These girls clearly love 'em. I know this blog is supposed to focus on the pressing issues of social networking applications and predictions markets, but I find their cupcake blog kind of interesting. 

First, here is the blog: - It is written by three people. This is a good number, one produces too few posts and more than 3 introduces a lack of focus. Secondly, each writer has her own blog, such as Nichelle Stephens' - This is very smart because it allows the writer to post about other topics without interfering with the thrust of the main blog. Nichelle Stephens, et al. are very smart cookies (pun intended). Third, even something as seemingly trivial as cupcakes wants press. They want to be on the food panel at SxSW - which of course is very smart. 

No one of them may become the next Martha Stewart. However, being the top of a niche, even a small niche like cupcakes, is critical to success. Regardless, cupcakes is big business. Fourth, they're advertising to tastemakers (I know thes puns are unbearable) on semi-related events like the Microsoft mixer for the Web 2.0 Expo. This is how I found them. Well anyway, I'm proud that New York has so much going for it, including a strong cupcake trio like Rachel Kramer Bussel, Allison Bojarski and Nichelle Stephens

I hope they get what they're looking for. One thing I hope for is better cupcakes north of 14th street. Crumbs and Magnolia bakery are garbage. Apparently Magnolia used to be good and they're not as bad as Crumbs but there's definitely room for more competition.