Boycott of Fox

One of the happy things I saw today is that the boycott of Fox (and in particular Glenn Beck) is actually picking up steam.  Companies like WalMart, UPS Stores, etc... have decided to join the campaign.

I don't think you need to sign up here:

But perhaps just contact one or two companies with which you do business and let them know that you're dissatisfied with their support of this low-brow vitriol.  And yes, it is their responsibility to vet their advertising outlets.

I remember seeing Glenn Beck when he was on CNN Airport while waiting to re-enter the country (yes, real Americans explore the world) as he was telling Arabs to get out of the country and accusing them en masse for all America's ills.

Sadly, Glenn Beck reaches the most vulnerable people in our society - those with limited IQ.  We need to help them.