Statement of Purpose

The purpose of this blog is to discuss product design, development, deployment and new ways of thinking about how the reader can do more with less technology-wise. This is based on experiences I’ve had over many years but is in no way meant to be definitive.

Topics include basics around the development environment, how to take web development to the next level, and speculation on next steps for the future of the team.

Posts will generally be opinionated. Balanced reporting is critical for readers when they want to know what is happening in a sector. However, expert reporting needs to take into account the professional opinions of those in the field - it being irresponsible to not tell the reader that a certain tool is better than another when in fact it is. I will endeavour to always be transparent about my simple opinions, my professional ones, and well researched deductions.

I am also interested in a minimal toolkit. This is by no means the minimum possible. Many of the most important contributors to current web technology have worked on nothing more than an offline laptop and vi. These people are impressive. However, my focus is on the contemporary web maker who may be brilliant when it comes to coding but not so much when front-end layouts are concerned, or vice versa. And what about getting that thing onto a site that can handle more than 5 users at the same time (or maybe even get the code onto a site at all).